Once upon  a time there was a little  girl.  Her name is MERRY. Her father is a COBBLER and both .her mother and father were old. One day MERRY   said
"father I want a pair of shoes"
"O key I give you pair of shoes"  father said.
He  went to his  shop  and  make  nice pair of  shoes.but  he did not have  paint  to  polish  it. He gave it to Marry without polishing t.  .
                                                                                     "Thanks  to you! father" Said  Merry.

                                                                                    " can you  paint  your  shoes?" father asked   .

       "yes I can."said  Merry. 
cobbler went back to  his  workshop. Little  Merry   went  to find some paint. She  found  a house with a beautiful   garden.  She went to the door and knocked.   "tock, tock"
door was opened.  old  women  come out .
  " have  some  paint to  polish  my  shoes"asked  Merry. 
  "yes,  I have a magic paint."said  old women.
     "Would you please   give me  some of it" said  Merry .
         "O key"    said  the women .
        "Thanks,"said  Merry. 
    "you can go to any place you wish by wearing these  shoes." said  women.
  "Oh! thank you very  much."said Mary. She went to her home and polished the shoes. She put them into her bag.

    Merry's  mother said  "you have beautiful shoes".
         "yes mother, I have beautiful  shoes. This  paint is a magic paint." Mery said. She show her mother her magic paint. mother went to the kitchen for cooking, then she went to sleep.
     "Now I  can go to  beautiful places "  Merry said to herself.she took  Rs:50/=  from her bag. She wore her coat and   magic shoes.
   "I want to go to a shop"she said.
   suddenly she is in a shop!  she found beautiful frocks  and many pair of shoes .

   She want to go to little Island."I want to go to an  Island."said Merry. Suddenly she is in a beautiful Island! She saw  a little  wight puppy. Little puppy came to Merry and she hold it. She was very happy. She wanted to go back home "I want to go home" said Merry. Suddenly Merry and her Puppy appeared at her home.
 She go to mother and said," look  mother, a beautiful puppy"
her mother looked at the puppy. She said "Oh! a beautiful  puppy"
She put to her puppy a new name.The puppy's name is  "tubby". 


  She wanted to go to a Dreamland."I want to go to a Dreamland"said Merry. Suddenly she and her dog were in a beautiful dreamland. She walked around dreamland. It indeed is very beautiful.She wanted to trample the sea wave. She put off her shoes, put it ashore and go trampling the sea wave. She come back to wear her shoes. But there was not her shoes  She looked everywhere for  her shoes. She couldn't  find her shoes. But  she found  a clue about her shoes. She found foot prints of her shoes and follow those.  Finally, she saw her shoes near a bush. There was a boy too near it. She jump at once, got her shoes and ran. The boy chased her. He catches her and grabbed the shoes by force. Little Merry   was helpless and very sad. She sat aside and began to cry.  Her eyes were red. Suddenly she saw a light.coming to her.
There is a nymph! 
   "Why are you crying?" nymph ask.
  "That boy  not giving my magic shoes." said Merry.
  "O key, close your eyes."nymph said.
  "now open your eyes." Nymph said after a moment. 
     She open eyes and look around. There is her shoes.She was very happy. 
  "Oh! thanks "Merry said.But nymph is vanished. "I want to go home."Merry said. 
   Suddenly she is in home. 
   "Where did you go.  What happened?" her mother asked.
    "I......I..go Jeni's home." Merry lied.
    :"Ok, now comr and get your lunch.  and   do your school home work." Merry's mother said.
           Merry got  her lunch and  wear her shoes,coat again.
       "I  want to go a beautiful....a beautiful country"  suddenly she is in a srange country 
    she didn't know where she is and where to go. She began to cry. her shoes have lost the  magic power. "Magic is false" Merry said to herself.
      She happened to beg. She said all what had happened to her. But they not  look her. She felt very  sad . .A gentleman said to her,     "look here,  you have a nice magic story. You can come my home and  write it." Merry go to his house and wrote the full story. The gentleman helped her to print it  All books were sold at a good price . Two two year  pasted. Merry wanted  to go beck . She managed home with money she had. .Oh! her mother and father were weak and gone old. Merry felt very bad and sad and at the same time happy to be with parents. Old parents hugged her after hearing her wonderful story.




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